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Aside weather,climate,stress and anemia which are the main known triggers for crises, what other triggers do you have? Mine is dust and I still don’t know why….

  1. Sorry, I've been dealing with an increase of pain since last week Friday, so I've been on bed rest and that's all i can handle at the moment. Here in Wisconsin it have rained every day and chilly. I'm on a new medication to dialate my arteries. The cold makes it worse and I can't get help... So I ball up until it leaves and take much fluids and folic acid. I don't lie when it comes to pain but no one believes me.

    1. I wish there was more I could do to help😢😢😢…. Stay strong dear friend… your zeal to keep fighting is a motivation to many of us… We are always here if you need any assistance…

  2. any contributions to this?

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