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Pain Triggers

Do you know what your triggers are?

  1. it’s cold weather for sure. Or just letting myself be too cold.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Cold weather can be a challenge. May I ask what type of climate you live in? Hopefully you don't have to face the cold weather too often! - Reggie ( Team Member)

    2. thanks for sharing! Definitely, one more reason to be glad that summer is here! Sonia - Team Member

  2. Mine is all the above listed , plus dust and emotions.

    1. Mine are definitely exposure to cold and physical exertion. More recently I've noticed my diet can be a trigger too; certain foods make me feel more fatigued or cause more joint pains.

      1. that's great that you were able to figure out what works for you! - Sonia, Team Member

      2. ... It seems like the cold and rain are common factors.

    2. I have just realized that my stress levels are also intertwined with my hip pain. Along with overdoing my activity levels, cold and prolonged sitting.
      It took a few months to connect the dots.

      1. Coaching football and practicing tai chi is how I normally get some exercise in.

      2. that's great! How did you get into tai chi? - Sonia, Team Member

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