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I might not reach my potential height

I think that one of the most depressing thing about being a sickler is living with the fear that you might never grow taller.

I'm a secondary school senior and I'm two years older than my average classmate and yet I happen to be shorter than the class average. The situation keeps me thinking and I don't just know what to do. Deep down I wish I were taller so all the ridicule could end.

  1. Thank you all for your advice, I have never been more motivated before.

    1. You're worth it!

    2. We are so glad we could help and please remember that you are not alone. The patient community is always here for you.

  2. Fellow warrior, try to navigate life with this on your mind "there will always be someone who is better than me in all facets of life" because it is the God's honest truth. We all wish we were taller, slimmer, curvier, smarter etc but there is so much more to physical attributes. Even people you idolize are insecure about certain things but they don't let it stop them. Toni Braxton, Nicki Minaj, Kevin Hart, Reese Weatherspoon, Ali Wong and so on are small but very mighty because their talents precede them.

    To tackle bullying and ridicule, my advice would be to stay on top of your grades and show them that you might be shorter but you are smarter than everyone combined.

    1. Young warrior, I am sad to hear that you are being ridiculed. As an adult warrior, I can tell you that 1) your suspicion is most likely correct in that there is a chance that you may not grow any taller than you are now, but what is more likely is that you are simply a late bloomer. You will grow to be as tall as your DNA programmed, but it may not happen until your early adulthood. I too worried that I would never fully blossom into a woman because of Sickle Cell but that's not what happened at all! I was simply on a different timetable than my peers. Or 2) The second thing I can tell you is that if not your height, people will always invent some reason to ridicule you, especially if you entertain their behavior. When you grow into the man you will be, they'll say your teeth are too wide. They'll say you have too many fingers. It will be a rough road, my dear, simply because you are a warrior but as well because each of us has our own mountain to climb. Steady your heart and mind and remember that you are valuable as a human being. What matters most is who you are, not how tall. Love yourself and respect your mind and body. Sickle Cell inflicts more damage on our bodies than they will ever know, see yourself as the warrior you are inside and it will begin to manifest on the outside. In due time everyone will see you for who you are and you will be respected. Become that person every day in your endeavors. I care about you and I'm sure that you're a good person who treats people right. Please follow me on any of the social media platforms.

      1. Great advice Lena

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