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How Can I Stay Up-To-Date on Sickle-Cell.com?

At Sickle-Cell.com, we empower people diagnosed with sickle cell and caregivers to connect by learning, sharing, and educating with other community members. Here are ways to get the most from the community and to stay up-to-date with all things sickle cell-related.

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What is in the Sickle-Cell.net newsletter?

Recent advocate articles

The newsletter features new advocate content. Our team of advocates is people with sickle cell or caregivers of those with sickle cell. They write blog-style articles about their experiences with the condition in the hopes of supporting others in the community.


You can also find others' stories at the bottom of each newsletter. We offer a chance to read community member-submitted stories. Community members are people like you who come to our site and interact with other members!

We are always accepting stories from you! If you are interested, tell us your diagnosis journey, how you manage everyday living, or anything sickle cell-related. And if you are not ready, that is OK. You can catch up on others’ stories on our website at any time.


Our site has a dedicated forums section where you can participate in forums or even start your own. Forums are sometimes included in the newsletter to encourage more participation. Forums are a great way to connect with others in a safe environment.


We try to keep things interesting by engaging you with a poll in each newsletter and on the site. Polls usually relate to diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, or lifestyle. You do not have to participate, but we love it when you do! It lets us know a little bit more about your experience with sickle cell so we can create more content that fits your needs.

Beyond newsletters

We know newsletters are not for everyone, and that is OK. We just want you to know all of the options available to you as our valued community member.

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