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Sickle Cell Awareness Month 2021

What are you doing this month to be heard during sickle cell awareness month? This is a great place to share resources and ways to be involved this month.

  1. This month like every month I go on my sickle cell page and post facts about sickle cell but this year I got actually sickle cell warriors to share their stories on my page.

    1. that’s great.. I’ve connected with a lot of warriors too.. it’s nice meet all of you..

    2. that amazing.. stepping over your fears and getting what you want... thank you for sharing this positive step

  2. I'm doing a 30 day awareness of Sickle cell on my socials

    1. That's awesome! Thank you for helping raise awareness this month <3 - Elizabeth ( team member)

  3. I totally thought the same.. so many people tell me I should write a 📖 to tell my story.

    1. myself as usual. I wouldn’t even know where to begin sadly.

    2. you can decide to star anywhere... Its your story. Tell it anyhow you want☺️☺️... We don't mind

  4. I’m making lists of videos about my life with sickle cell.. I’ve been quite for too long😂

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