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Have you experienced workplace discrimination?

What have you done when you have been discriminated against because of sickle cell? What kind of discrimination have you faced?

  1. I have done so well and gotten to the top and when colleagues found out I was HBSS, they had no choice but to admire me. There is always that hidden stigma when people know. I was having an interview with a Supervisor on SCD research and when I told her I had it, she suddenly changed. I always never tell, even forge medical documents to get by. Like I won't let the university I am going for my doctorate know I am HBSS

    1. In one of my previous jobs, I had one of my supervisors tell a colleague that if I had disclosed my sickle diagnosis, she'd never have let the EVP hire me even though I was the most qualified candidate and brought in over $150K in my first 6 months with the company. When people say ignorance is bliss, it sure is because I was mad at myself for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

      1. I've experienced this over and over again. Happened to my mother and happened to me.. It's like people would rather work alone than employ someone with SCD... It's a terrible experience. I've not tried looking for a job ever since then even though I qualify and need it...

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