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Does cold weather trigger a pain crisis for you?

It's getting cold. This can trigger a pain crisis for some people with sickle cell. Does the cold trigger a pain crisis for you? What are tips for coping or tips for avoiding a pain crisis brought on by the cold?

  1. I concur, I literally drink room temperature bottled water!!!!

    1. Yes, cold weather is my enemy. Hot weather as well because dehydration is a real threat. I have had pain crisis with each temperature scale. I have to ensure that I layer clothing in the winter. In the summer under the AC I have to make sure that I have my arms and legs covered lightly because a crisis may initiate at any given time. When I was younger and would go swimming in the summer, I would always wonder what triggered my pain crisis afterwards. I finally realized that coming into an air conditioned home after swimming would trigger it and that I needed to go take hot shower and dress warmly immediately after swimming because the cold would trigger it.

      1. Cold weather is a terrible trigger because mine can even last for days😅... But a knee crisis from kneeling or squatting for too long to complete a task is a murderer 😅

        1. Yes. Cold weather is my number one trigger too and the earliest detected trigger my parents picked up when I started getting sick as a child.
          I’ve had to miss out on swims, rain baths, cold showers, chilled foods and totally avoid cold weather including air-conditioned rooms and vehicles.
          Can’t emphasize warm clothing enough, I’m currently inside three sweaters and two trousers and covered feet on my couch and that’s even indoors but hey! Anything to avoid the the ER huh😀

          1. definitely taking precautions to avoid the ER makes sense! I'm sorry that you had to miss out on those experiences. I hadn't realized that cold foods could be a trigger. Take care this winter! ~ Sonia

          2. thanks. Yes, chilled foods take you to hypothermia soon enough and can trigger a crisis sometimes.

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