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Self care!

What are your go-to self care activities?

  1. I'm drawing, doing yoga and stretching (sports keep my mind refreshed, I recommend). Also, the doctor and I agreed on nutritional support for the body, so I take various vitamin supplements in courses. I would like to highlight the lion's mane extract - better than any energy drink. Always by my side on hard days)

    1. Thanks for sharing! Yes, I've heard that lion's mane extract is super beneficial! Glad you have a good doctor who suggested good supplements. Warmly, Elizabeth ( team member)

    2. I’ve always wanted to try yoga.. Maybe this is my sign to try☺️. Thank you for sharing

  2. I love to talk to God, journal, listen to music, diffuse essential oils, bake/ cook, catch up on my shows, and meditate.

    1. all GREAT activities <3 What are you fav. essential oils?

    2. Eucalyptus, lavender, frankincense.

  3. I also love colouring. As well as certain relaxing smells, I burn insense sticks or use oils. My favourites are lavender & peppermint. And music is definitely one of my go-to's; strangely I like opera music when in a crisis but generally anything with a beat puts me in a better mood and is a welcome distraction

    1. What are your fave brands of scented candles? I struggle to fine ones that actually give off a strong scent and don't fade

    2. I love lemon, lavender and strawberry scents...

  4. Taking time out

    My main go to activities consists of:
    *Adult colouring books
    *Mindfulness apps
    *Pampering myself (so lots of spa days help or getting my hair and nails done)
    *Going for little walks with my son
    *and arts and crafts
    All of these help to calm me down when in a crisis or even when I can see that my day is not going as planned.
    These are all good distractions for me and may help others. It is always great to take some time out for yourself.

    1. these are all great! Thanks for sharing <3!! I love adult coloring books too!

    2. I love coloring games too.. so relaxing 😎

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