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Self care!

What are your go-to self care activities?

  1. Healthy and clean eating with working out is the best self-care activity I can think of. I have shifted to an herbal diet and it worked like magic. I follow for my herbal diet and remedies.

    1. waow.. I have never heard of herbal diets... I’ll definitely look it up... thank you for sharing☺️

  2. I'm drawing, doing yoga and stretching (sports keep my mind refreshed, I recommend). Also, the doctor and I agreed on nutritional support for the body, so I take various vitamin supplements in courses. I would like to highlight the lion's mane extract - better than any energy drink. Always by my side on hard days)

    1. Thanks for sharing! Yes, I've heard that lion's mane extract is super beneficial! Glad you have a good doctor who suggested good supplements. Warmly, Elizabeth ( team member)

    2. I’ve always wanted to try yoga.. Maybe this is my sign to try☺️. Thank you for sharing

  3. I love to talk to God, journal, listen to music, diffuse essential oils, bake/ cook, catch up on my shows, and meditate.

    1. all GREAT activities <3 What are you fav. essential oils?

    2. Eucalyptus, lavender, frankincense.

  4. I also love colouring. As well as certain relaxing smells, I burn insense sticks or use oils. My favourites are lavender & peppermint. And music is definitely one of my go-to's; strangely I like opera music when in a crisis but generally anything with a beat puts me in a better mood and is a welcome distraction

    1. What are your fave brands of scented candles? I struggle to fine ones that actually give off a strong scent and don't fade

    2. I love lemon, lavender and strawberry scents...

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