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Music Therapy

Have you used music (either playing or listening) to help cope with pain and other symptoms? If so, what have you found most helpful? What is your favorite type of music?

  1. I have a playlist on Spotify called "Soul of a Warrior" and it's filled with all the songs I need to push through very challenging days, especially during my stem cell transplant. My favorites are Fight Song by Rachel Platten, Remember the Name by Fort Minor and Believer by Imagine Dragons.

    1. I would say that sometimes the pain is really intense that sounds becomes really offensive. The sound of music at such times is a No No.

      1. Pain med and sedative don't do much for you when the pain is at its highest. Thinking about of being in a happy place and getting your mind off the pain can be helpful.

        1. Music therapy helps but only when the pain is subsidizing.
          When the pain is high in tempo you can't have that concentration to listen to anything.

          1. Thank you for sharing your perspective! That makes complete sense. Do you find anything else to help with your pain is at its highest?

          2. the thought of being in an imaginary happy place can work magic on the pain.

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