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Most memorable healthcare experience

Hospitals and clinic visits are a big part of living with sickle cell. What is a memorable moment (good or bad) that has stuck with you?

  1. One memorable moment was when a nurse took extra time to explain my treatment, making me feel truly cared for. Despite the pain and uncertainty, her kindness and patience gave me hope and reminded me of the importance of compassion in healthcare.

    1. I started college at 16yrs old and because I was an international student at the university, I struggled to find an adult hematologist to handle my care. Luckily, my disability advisor recommended a clinician whose office was a walking distance from the campus. The doctor was born and raised in Mexico so he understood how hard adjusting to new country can be especially for a young black woman. Till date, he has been the best provider I’ve ever worked with so much so that he attended my graduation where he finally met my extended family. Patient care goes beyond the doctors office and as a foreigner, you want a provider who puts your care first. Dr. Ruben De Celis gave me that gift and taught me how best to self-advocate with pharmaceutical/insurance companies.

      1. I love this so much! They sound like a wonderful person. Thanks for taking the time to share.

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