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How much is?

Good Day;

I hope all are doing great.

I live in Canada, have Sickle Cell Disease (SC), and I'm searching information on health services/insurances before I decide to move to Florida.

Possible and hopeful scenario is for me to have a health insurance thru an employer, but I have in my a second scenario that I will have to get on privately.

I tried to find forums, but couldn't find one and I really need some information about the costs of health insurances provided by an employer and/or privately, cost of deductibles, medical appointments, medication, lab work, etc. for a sickle cell patient like me.

Daily I take: 1,500mg of hydroxyurea - 3 pills, and150 eltroxin - due to thyroid

Then, about every 3 and 5 years, I need to have done:

ECG test, holter test, MRIs of my joints (shoulders, hips, back, knees) due to my avascular necrosis, and Ct scan of my left lung due to a previous small clog

Every year I have an appointment with an Ophthalmologist due to blind spots in my eyes

Every month I have done blood work which includes the verification of nucleated cells, levels of SC cells, and many other components like hemoglobin, RBC, etc.

And, in a future I might have to have some blood transfusions periodically but not yet, and every 3 months I visit my Hematologist and Family Doctor

Your help means a lot to me and I really appreciate your reply with this information.

Thank you so much for your time and have an amazing day.

  1. Hi thanks for reaching out! Every company offers different health insurance and within that, there are usually many options. It will depend on the health insurance provide to know what the coverage will look like. I am sending over these article that provides various information which I hope can help you: and and I hope this is helpful. Jill, team member

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