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How do you like to hydrate?

As the weather heats up, hydration becomes even more important. Do you have a favorite way to hydrate? Plain water? Sparkling water? Water with add-ins (like fruit or herbs)? Electrolyte drinks? Let us know below!

  1. Natural water all the way. I find that fizzy drinks or soda trigger a crisis so I tend to stay very far from them. Sometimes it's just really hard to get the fluids down

    1. I tend to add a little squash to get the water a little sweeter. I also sometimes add cucumber to it as I love cucumber very much.

    2. Yum! I love cucumbers too.

  2. It's National Hydration Day! What are you drinking today , , ?

    1. my water bottle and iphone go hand-in-hand; both are never leaving my side. This week, I added liquid IV electrolyte drink mix in strawberry flavor to my water. I need all the extra energy I can get.

    2. I've been able to increase my daily water intake and cut out soda so today, it's just water.

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