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Does a warm climate make you feel better or worse?

So I'm currently in Jamaica. I've been here for 6 months now due to covid. I usually come as often as I can as I always feel good when I do, but this is the longest time I've spent here and also the best I've ever felt in terms of my sickle cell. Speaking with a few people however I'm learning that the hot climate actually makes some of us feel worse.
What is the case for you?

  1. Me too. Do you get much of this weather where you live? In the UK it's mostly cold and damp

    1. Warm climates helps me feel better too.. I’m more active in such climate

      1. Similar to myself. Do you live in a warm climate?

      2. I live in Ghana. Yes it is warm but not always... I wish it were always warm😁

    2. the warm climate makes me feel a lot better.

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