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How do you deal with the Jaundice that sometimes comes with have SSC?


I’m new to this forum stuff so forgive me if this is a stupid question 😀 - with my sickle cell luckily I don’t have major crisis’ that often however something that really really bothers me are my eyes. At times they can become really yellow. I am very insecure about them and avoid looking people in the eyes so that they don’t notice. Sometimes people randomly ask me “why are your eyes yellow” and it really effects me and makes me feel insecure.

I drink loads of fluids and try to maintain a healthy-ish diet but nothing really seems to work. Are there any things I can be doing to change this? would love to hear some of your thoughts of you could help.

If not no problem 😀.

  1. Well, I’m lucky to be one of the few whose jaundice doesn’t show in the eyes. But, I drink as much water as I can and rest a lot.. maybe that helps too. I am also open to learn more on this topic😊🥰

    1. Hi Chase, severe yellowing of the eyes is called acute fulminant cholestatic jaundice and is caused by the sickling process, blood transfusion complications (iron overload)or drug toxicity. I’d recommend drinking lots of water, increase your dietary fibers and eating lots of fruits, veggies

      1. Hello! There is no such thing as a stupid question, and I am so glad you found us. Are you on any medication for your sickle cell?

        Here is an article that our staff published that talks a bit about jaundice

        We also have some great community members on these forums. or do you have any experience with this?

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