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Do you know any Ridiculous Myths about Sickle Cell

What are some of the things people in your community think sickle cell is? I’ll go first.. Here in Ghana, it is called worms.. many people believe that pain crises is caused by worms in the body. There are also theories that suggest that people with sickle cell were punished by their ancestors for the sins of their fathers.. Funny right? Mind sharing yours??

  1. The one I constantly hear is "If you pray hard enough, God will change your blood type from SS to AA". I've even had classmates from secondary school tell me that their pastor healed their child by demolishing the sickle cell spirit. It's extremely laughable!

    1. In Nigeria it's kind of believed that sickle cell is like black magic placed in the body and your body is fighting to get the bad stuff out. I kind of visualize my pian as something moving through my body that doesn't belong. Maybe like a worm that get stuck, but I know it's really a blood clot.

      1. @ Rhedd Maya. I know I definitely can say the same

        1. the power of gratitude 😊.. and hey, this is all new for me too😁😁.. so I totally get you.. like I said, we will wait😁😁😁

        2. you are absolutely right . Gratitude, staying prayerful and remaining faithful is all I know. And it's good to communicate with you. As I said this all new for me . But I'm glad that I am getting to know and meet other good people like you who can relate.

      2. Wow people are so absent minded. Makes you wonder where they get their information from

        1. there are so many times I ask myself if it is me they are talking about or another RHEDD-MAYA 😁😁😁

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