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Awareness Month Forum: Be A Change Maker

For the month of September, we will be focusing on ways to elevate the voice of those living with sickle cell and make a change for future generations. What is one resource that would make a big difference in your community for those with the disease?

  1. a sickle cell directory of all the community-based orgs, non-profit groups, hematology clinics, list of renowned providers, clinical trial centers, and pharma companies that have developed disease-modifying treatment options would be great. This will give patients and caregivers access to everything they need to get comprehensive care at any age.

    1. Finding info about a community. Nothing local in my area.

      1. Community definitely makes a big difference! I'm sorry to hear there is not currently anything in your community. Do you know others with sickle cell that live where you do? In the meantime, we are here to be a community for you! Warmly, Corene (team member)

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