A Black mother and daughter sit underneath palm trees, sipping boba tea.

A Mom’s Heart Full of Gratitude

It's a feeling of gratitude every day here in Florida. If you've read my previous articles, you'll remember that a few months ago I decided to move from New Jersey to Florida.

So far, every day has been a little celebration for me as a mother, because I really enjoy seeing my child go back to school again, making friends, and telling stories about the school.

Enjoying the little things

We have a valuable tradition after school. Every day after school she can indicate what she wants to drink. To stimulate drinking, I decided to try something new all the time and so far it's going well. She likes Starbucks and Boba. So for her, it is very nice to choose a nice drink and while enjoying a drink we chat about the school. And for me, it's a blessing because it helps her to drink enough and stay hydrated.

Once we get home, we sit down at the table for lunch and that's usually when the hot topics come up. I have missed these moments so much as a mother. In New Jersey, my little princess was sick most of the time, and couldn't go outside during the cold months, and life consisted mostly of being indoors.

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Florida is home

Here in Florida, we are outside more often than inside, because the weather is so nice and warm and we can enjoy it to the fullest. Every day I realize how important it is to enjoy every moment and to take nothing for granted. When my friends or family ask how I'm doing, I always say "I'm grateful for every beautiful, healthy day so yes it's going very well."

The best part is that both my daughter and I have the feeling that this is really our home. This is our place where we feel “safe” and happy. Here we are healthy, here we laugh, and here we do fun things. Florida is officially our place. Now that we are completely settled here, we can now also focus on the next steps.

For my daughter, her wish finally comes true... a puppy! She really wants a puppy so she can look for a nice dog and then she has a playmate in the house. Here we have a nice garden, nice weather and enough space for a dog. And for me, it means that I am ready to be a happy mom!

Sickle cell parenting with gratitude

Sickle cell disease affects the whole family. And it's okay to feel insecure, sad, lost, frustrated, and powerless as a parent. I felt this way for a long time until I realized there was a solution. There was a solution but I wasn't sure if I could handle it. But the moment I made the decision to move, God was able to convince me every moment of the journey that it was the best decision I could make.

After a few weeks, all the stress is gone. I no longer feel insecure, I am no longer sad, and I no longer feel powerless. I have so much energy now, I want to do so much, discover so much, laugh, enjoy, and above all I want to show my daughter how beautiful our life can be.

Today I feel very grateful to be able to write a positive article, and I look forward to the many beautiful articles that will follow where I can share our journey with you. There will certainly be less beautiful moments, but let's also take a look at the good, happy, and beautiful moments that are in our lives.

Only positive vibes

When we talk about sickle cell disease, we are mainly talking about the less beautiful sides. But today I will ask you some questions: what wonderful experiences have you had in recent days? Do you feel you can do something to reduce the pain crisis? What tips do you have for our warriors?

Summer is just around the corner, the kids will be on vacation soon, so I'm looking forward to the wonderful adventures you will experience as a family.

I would love to end my article by sharing a quote I found on the internet: “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

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