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6 Tips to Help With Hydration

Hi Guys, my name is Grace. I am a wife, mother and work as a full-time blogger. I also live with sickle cell disease.

The importance of hydration

In this video, I am sharing 6 tips that are going to help you if you are struggling with hydration. As someone with sickle cell disease, we know the importance of making sure we are hydrated. Just because we know the importance does not always mean it is going to be an easy task. I know for me during the colder months it is a bit more difficult to get my hydration in.

Staying hydrated

So, if you are in the same boat as me or just need help getting more hydration, check out this video. Tip #1: Add flavor to your water!

Hydration tips

    Tip #1: Add flavor to your water
    Tip #2: Set a timer
    Tip #3: Carry your water with you
    Tip #4: Find a reusable water bottle
    Tip #5: Consume water-rich foods
    Tip #6: Reduce caffeine intake

Watch the video to learn more!

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