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Sickle cell trait

Do you have sickle cell trait? What are your symptoms? Do doctors take your pain seriously?

  1. Waow . Thank you for sharing . I’m so sorry you have to go through all this, but you’re a warrior. Keep going and never quit 😊

    1. I can talk for days on this topic alone. I call my fatigue "extreme fatigue" because I can't will myself to stay awake. I have constant lumbar pain, advanced disc degeneration for my age per previous MIR scan. My facet joints and everything else in my spine is collapsing, basically. I have this horrible hip pain that prevents me from being conscious and I cannot put any weight on my hip when I have it so I use my cane or Walker.

      I was able to get through to pain management and have been trying since January. After complaining to Hematology and my PCP multiple times.
      They can't or won't make a appointment until after I get the flex X-ray and CT scan. I cannot have an MRI due to the spinal cord stimulator I have. I was able to get transferred to scheduling for the tests but they don't know why they need to see me, so evidently, no one read my PCP's referral. They don't have the paperwork from pain management so they can't make a appointment until they receive that information.

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