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How has a shorter life expectancy impacted you?

A fellow warrior wrote a great article this week about life expectancy. Has this part of your disease changed the way you live your life? Are you more daring? Do you avoid long-term commitments?

  1. As complicated as sickle cell can be, many patients try not to focus on their life expectancy because it’s emotionally and psychologically draining. This disease is a lot to handle. One thing I will say is that I’ve always had this strong urge to leave a legacy behind that I can be proud of. Every time I write an article, develop content or speak on a panel, I tell myself “I want to be remembered when I’m gone so let’s create impact and live a lasting legacy. The time is NOW!”. As you know, sickle cell limits how daring we

    1. You are definitely making an impact! We are so lucky to have you as part of our community. Thank you for your thoughtful response. That all makes a lot of sense.

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