My Journey as a Sickle Cell Patient

Living with sickle cell disease hasn't been easy for me. I'm 24 years of age and I live in Ghana. Since I was born I have had sickle cell disease (SS) and I'm the severe anemic type. I feel very bad for myself and I always feel depressed. I feel like committing suicide, since I've never got help from anywhere so it hasn't been good for me.

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Finding a way

My Hb is always down (5.2) and I feel like I can die at any point in time, but God has been so good to me till now. I don't have the capital to support myself, so I only take folic acid(5gm) and multivitamins (5gm ) because that's the only ones I can provide for me. I also try to take some fruit whenever I have some small money.

Extra pains

My menstrual pain has always been like hellfire! I always go through unbearable pains, but since I don't have the capital, hot water has been my only advantage. I also try to prepare some habs like sorghum leaves to boost my blood a little bit. As I'm typing my Hb is still in the (5) because that's where it has been for the past 10 years.

But I always thank God for keeping me alive. I was very happy when I saw a platform like this to share my story and also learn new things to help myself. I will be grateful for any help and advice that will come my way.

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