I Am a Sickle Cell Warrior

I am a Sickle Cell Warrior. I was diagnosed with this disease at the age of two because at that time, sickle cell screening was not done at birth like it is now. I have been through many ups and downs in my life with sickle cell, more downs than ups. Sickle cell does not have to be a death sentence.

Being successful

I am a witness that even with this disease, you can accomplish so much in life, and believe it or not, you can accomplish much more than what others say you can’t. I am a college graduate with a bachelor's degree in business. That was a major accomplishment because doctors were not expecting me to live past the age of 17.

I have successfully been gainfully employed with major companies while suffering from this major disease. I have sickle cell disease, but sickle cell disease does not have me. I have experienced many different life-altering events while managing sickle cell disease, but I thank God that I do not look like what I have been through. FAVOR.


Coma ✅ Memory loss ✅♿️ Multiple 🏥 hospital stays ✅ consistently in pain every day ✅🏆✅. I have been through it all but my faith in God will not allow me to give up.

I am the father of three precious children who all suffer from sickle cell disease. We are all Warriors and we know that God has our back. Thank God for an understanding and wonderful wife who refuses to give up on us 👰🏽‍♂️.

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