Adult laying on table and receiving a massage from a trained therapist.

My Medical Massage Experience

I try to treat myself periodically to a massage technique called medical massage from a licensed medical massage therapist. A massage therapist rubs and kneads the soft tissues of your body. The soft tissues include muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and skin. The massage therapist varies the amount of pressure and movement.1

Mental and physical stress

I have found that having a 2-hour-treatment for my entire body was very beneficial for my mental health and body. During the massage, I release months of tension and stress. I wish I could have this procedure once a week, but that is not possible at the moment. I do have muscular hypertonicity also, which is increased passive stiffness or tightness.

Furthermore, I feel this in my back muscles for 24 hours a day and other body parts periodically. I usually have to use a cold and hot massage roller 4 times a day and I have to stretch before I get out of bed and throughout the day just to ease a bit of the pain.

Relieving tension

I get many cramps in specific body parts throughout the week, and my muscles are so hard that it's unbearable the majority of the day. The worst are the cramps that just clamp down when I attempt to get out of bed, and they typically last for 20 minutes or so.

The small episodes come more often but don't last as long. After these major episodes, I'm typically sore in those spots for a few days. The relief lasts for about 2 days after I get the medical massage and I notice a decrease in stress and aggression. However, on the third day, I began to feel the physical tension in my back muscles returning.

The benefits of massage in my life

It's important to note the benefits of massage, such as reduced stress and muscle tension. However, it's also essential to keep in mind that the effects don't last forever. In my case, the relief lasted for 2 days before the tension returned.

My therapist, Laura, is a kind and compassionate person who has helped me through some of the toughest times in my life. She always listens to my complaints and answers any questions I may have. I believe that having someone who will listen to you without judgment is incredibly indispensable, and Laura has been that person for me.

During our sessions, Laura is always attentive and focused on my needs. She has a way of making me feel comfortable and safe, which allows me to open up and share my thoughts and feelings with her. Her caring and empathetic nature has helped me to feel heard and validated, which has been essential to my healing process.

Wellness for body and mind

Overall, I am incredibly grateful for Laura and the work she has done with me. She has been an integral part of my journey towards mental and emotional wellness, and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a compassionate and caring therapist.

My medical massage experience has been extremely beneficial for me in managing my discomfort and quality of life and has helped the pain and discomfort associated with it. While I cannot have it as often as I would like, I am grateful for the relief that it provides when I am able to receive it.

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