Keeping the Hope Alive

One of the hardest things to do is try to encourage yourself in your worse moments. It’s easy to smile and be yourself when you’re not sick or not experiencing other difficulties. But when difficulties and issues pop up, it’s hard to keep the same energy. And as warriors, as soon as another warrior gives up the fight, we are all sick and not ourselves.

The ups and downs

The twists and turns when it comes to sickle cell alter our lives whether we like it or not. When it rains, some of us experience intense pain and it’s the same for us in sunny weather. No matter how strong you are as a warrior, there are moments you feel lost, alone, and with no way out. We all get stuck and I can always understand why because I’m one of you.

It’s a cruel world and nothing seems fair or maybe it was meant to be like that. But I’m thankful to the warriors who have chosen to fight for us all. I believe we can all achieve something great we can be proud of for the rest of our lives if we don’t give up.

Savor the happy moments

To keep going even in pain and changing seasons is a superpower that only warriors possess. I’ve found that appreciating the little things brings more joy, fulfillment, and gratitude during the dark days. For instance, I look back at the pictures I took in my healthy leg days now that I’ve lost them. Makes me smile at least, grateful, and pushes me not to give up.

I really do believe it is a good idea for every warrior to have fun and be completely happy once in a while. On the good days when sickle cell can’t attack. Live every moment of it worrying about nothing but your happiness. It could be anything: watching a movie by yourself, going to the cinema, cooking, or skydiving; anything that makes you happy and leaves you feeling alive.

It’s almost impossible to see a dark day coming. Most of them don’t even come with good timing. Like you get crises while trying to pay your rent. Now that’s bad timing.

I know how hard it is to stay alert always with sickle cell. It gets annoying and boring sometimes and I’m so sorry that you feel you have to be alert all the time just to prevent getting sick. Especially because most of the causes are natural and there is nothing you can do about it.

Keeping hope alive with sickle cell

Dear Warrior,

In as much as it is so difficult to keep hoping and keeping alive with sickle cell, I want to encourage you to keep going no matter how tough it gets. That’s the job of a warrior. To keep fighting no matter how many bombs get thrown at you, as long as you breathe, you need to keep up the fight and hope.

It’s okay to vent, cry, feel alone, misunderstood, and all the troubles that come with sickle cell. Not because you deserve it but because it’s who you are. A warrior. Learn to pick yourself up after a fall and keep going. It’s unfortunate, but most of the time, some of us are left to cater to ourselves even in the toughest moments but we keep going.

Positive vibes are important in the fight as a warrior. Every step is important to your journey and so is every detail of pain you’ve endured. Learn to encourage yourself when everyone around you doesn’t understand what it takes to be a warrior like you. Refuse to give up fighting and keep hope alive for a better tomorrow.

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