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  1. Hello, I'm Chesterfield Hall and I have been diagnosed with different hemaglobinopathies throughout my life... from Sickle Cell Trait to Sickle Cell Disease to Sickle Cell Disease with Beta-Thalassemia to recently, Sickle Cell Trait with Alpha-Thalassemia Trait Mycrotic. My first hematologist-oncologist treated me for my pain until he retired, which was right after the new regulations for hydrocodone came into effect. I have been looking for answers for about 10 years and still looking. I can not get treated properly until I have an accurate diagnosis. I will be getting a independent opinion in a few months. So, I'm currently being tossed around pain management clinics because here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin they're being shut down due to funding problems or whatever else. I'm a avid fan of football, basketball, baseball and women's sports. I'm a podcast host, football coach, active member in two different fraternities, Sickle-cell trait advocate and human rights advocate.

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