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  1. Hello there everyone! My name is Lena & I'm a Sickle Cell Warrior from the USA. I am currently 36, a wife of 13 years & mom of 8 years. I was diagnosed with Sickle Beta-Thalassemia Plus at the age of 4. I have recently had a breakthrough in my treatment and it has inspired me to share my journey! I'm so happy to be amongst "blood relatives" 😀 Blessings to you all! We're friends now.

    1. welcome to the community! Excited to hear that your new treatment's been working! If you'd like to share more about your breakthrough, feel free to share your story with the community ( ~Sonia, Team Member

  2. hello,I am Yayra Sunshine,nurse and a passionate advocate for peope living with sickle cell ..
    Pleasure being here

    1. welcome to Yayra. We are exited to have you😊. We hope you enjoy your stay in the community.

    2. so glad you're here <3 Let us know if we can support you in any way. Never hesitate to reach out here, on FB, IG, or email ( Warmly, Elizabeth ( team member)

  3. My name is Rhoda Ndo, you can call me Rhedd. I live with the SS genotype of Sickle Cell . My favorite colors are black and camo green. I am a Ghanaian single mother who is a fashion model and advocate for sickle cell. I love to write, travel, write, watch movies and listen to music. Feel free to leave me a message and let’s get talking.

    1. nice to meet you 😊

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