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Do you have PTSD from an experience relating to sickle cell? This could be from a pain crisis or an experience in the ER. Share with others in the community who get it.

  1. I don't know if I can call it PTSD but I get scared each time I see a video of someone in pain, especially vaso occlusive crisis. This is because I hardly have a crisis, the last one I had was in 2016 and it was really painful and bad. The memories linger so when I see someone in crisis, I'm always scared and do not want to remember that day.

    1. Hmmm, I understand where you're coming from but even if I do not have crisis, I battle other complications

    2. Ikr… sickle cell always finds a way to implicate us… 😞😞😞… but we are warriors so…. Sickle cell can never defeat us😊

  2. I didn’t know about PTSD until I read it here on .. Now that I know what it is, I am very sure I went through several episodes without knowing it was a condition… In my world with SCD it’s almost impossible not to have PTSD … I don’t know about , and ..

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