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Grief and Denial?

How do you deal with the loss of a warrior that appeared stronger than you in all aspects? The warrior that encouraged me to share my story passed on and Im just realizing I haven’t dealt with it at all .. any advice please ? Although I’ve lost a few warrior friends, this is different because I actually looked up to him and it’s eating me up slowly..

  1. I haven't had to deal with this yet or death a lot in general. I'm dealing with different forms of grief, mainly disappointment in plans not working out. But if I've learned anything about life is that God's plan is better and we may never understand it but things work out exactly how they are meant to. I'm sorry for your loss. Sometimes the strongest appearing people shoulder the most burden. Maybe you can honor/celebrate them by taking care of yourself.

    1. perfectly said .. thank you queen .. grief is not limited to death , disappointments and over thinking, etc also count .. We need to start paying attention more to these things , because it looks like most of us underestimate the other the other side effects such as these .. The pain when we get sick and need for blood take most of the attention

  2. "It"

    1. and any contribution to this please 😊😊

      1. ... I think that's another thing that is not talked about. Grieving is a process that we all go through and we all deal with a differently. It can also remind us all that we don't have much time... So don't bite our tongues. We can have comfort in knowing they finally received the relief they've been seeking their entire lives.

      2. you are right .. with sickle cells many problems, grief is totally ignored even though it is one thing that affects most Warrior’s greatly.. the thought of.. what if I’m next is constantly on our minds and I don’t think it’s healthy. I feel like sometimes I rush to do things because of the fear that time is not on my side.. thank you for adding your thoughts on this.. it’s good to know it’s not just me😊😊

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