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Chiropractors and Sickle Cell?

I have a question, can warriors go to the chiropractor / would it be beneficial for us? Because back in high school I was always cracking my back due to sitting for long periods of time and still do.

  1. I would be scared to go but I do think it is a good thing to try different types if therapy 😌. I say go for it but do you research first.

    1. I will do my research

  2. thank you for your question. I use Dance therapy and music . It seems to really help me. Especially when I’m stressed and over thinking. I choose music that suits my mood and try to dance to the rhythm.. it’s uplifting to me.You can try it😊

    1. seeing a chiropractor is a good complimentary/ alternative option for managing sickle cell pain. We have it listed in this article: but are planning an article specifically on chiropractors. Definitely talk to your doctor for a referral to a chiropractor with a good reputation; it's definitely important to know that the chiropractor you meet with knows what they're doing. You could also go for a back massage! Let us know if your doctor gives you the name of a good chiropractor!

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