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Awareness Month Forum: Self Care!

What self care activities do you enjoy? This could be journaling, yoga, napping...whatever you like doing. This is a space to share and connect with other warriors. Maybe someone shares a self care tip that you never thought of, or visa versa.

By participating in this forum during the month of September 2021, you get an additional entry to the Sickle Cell Awareness Month giveaway! Make sure you go to the giveaway post under "recent articles" to see what the prize is and how else you can enter to win!

  1. My Self Care is I take a hot bath while listening to my favorite music (late 80s - 90s) then lay in my bed and watch my favorite TV shows.

    1. Monthly massage, I must have....

      1. oh I love those spa massages..

    2. I like to listen to music, while lighting my favorite candle

      1. candles are winning again.. what is your favorite fragrance?

    3. My self care activities I enjoy the most should be singing, baking, eating comfort foods, cuddling 😄

      1. waow... that’s amazing... it’s wonderful how we are all different even though we may suffer from the same disorder...

      2. yummm!

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