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Anyone have tips for managing in the winter?

The cold weather is sometimes hard for me to navigate.

  1. Hi I'm Lena! I live in a cool climate and in the winter I make sure there is some heating element in each room of my home. I have a heating blanket both upstairs & downstairs, about 3 heating pads stashed in various closets so there's always one nearby, as well I switch to hot drinks for the season (tea without caffeine, hot chocolate, etc.). I layer my clothing utilizing everything from tights to legwarmers to oversized sweaters, you name it. And oh so many pairs of socks! In my bathroom I have a standup heater so that I am not chilled after I shower. I wear a snowsuit even if there's no snow. If it's cold enough, I wear it.

    1. welcome to the community! We're happy to have you. I hope that the advocate articles give you support and connection. Keep sharing. We're here for you <3 Elizabeth ( team member)

  2. hi Kelly, hot water therapy and ointments could help. Please contact your nearest healthcare facility for assistance.

    1. Hey ! Check out this article on Staying Healthy in Colder Months -

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