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Sickle Cell and Me

Hi, my name is Sakina. New here. I have always wanted to speak to people who understood my pains.

A surprising diagnosis

I was diagnosed with sickle cell when I was 10. It actually started with me having difficulties hearing. My parents took me to the hospital and the doctor sent us to perform a blood test. When the result came out, my mom kept on asking herself how that could have happened. Before my parents got married, they performed a genotype test and both of them were AA. I was actually told I was a sickle cell patient when I was 12.

From sorrow to acceptance

Since then it has been hard living with sickle cell. From sickle cell crisis to depression and suicidal thoughts to a new way of life. Living with sickle cell has changed my life. It's made me see things most people don't. It makes me feel special like God loves me because I am different and I know he will always be there for me.

This or That

Did your parents have a genotype screening before you were conceived?

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