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My Warrior Daughter Michelle

My daughter Michelle was born on 12/12/1991 with sickle cell disease.

A warrior from the start

Michelle's life was not an easy one, not at all. She started showing symptoms of hand and foot syndrome at 7 months old. My daughter had multiple hospitalizations, infusions, treatments, and medications. Throughout Michelle's life, she developed other issues that come along with sickle cell that no one spoke to me about in her young life. Michelle started to develop blood clots in her brain, heart, and upper arms.

Being a warrior parent

This was a scary part of being a parent. The words "mom, we need to have a meeting with you" felt like I was going to the principles office. My daughter was very brave but I could see her pain and it was the hardest thing for a parent to witness. A parent is supposed to kiss all boo-boos away, but with sickle cell you can't. There were times that I could not even hold my daughter because her pain was so severe.

-Warrior mom

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