Accepting To Be a Crescent

One of the most difficult stages for me was accepting and adjusting into life as a sickle cell disease patient (SS genotype). How do I accept that this is how it’s going to be for the rest of my life? Why should I suffer for something that is no fault of mine. The truth is, no one likes to dwell in pain, illness or weakness - everyone thrives to be perfect even though we know how impossible it is.


Being sick is not really a good thing to want to own or accept ,but the truth is, without ACCEPTANCE, there is no realization of WHO YOU ARE. How then, do you protect, equip and prepare yourself for the inevitable things you will go through? Yes it is hard to accept imperfection but it is the imprecations that make you who you are. It is rather “PERFECTLY OK NOT TO BE PERFECT”.

You are unique

Embrace the fact that you are weak sometimes, not strong all of the time, in pain most of the time, because that is you UNIQUE. Accept it. I needed to understand that, accepting that I am sickled doesn’t make me weak, it actually means I am tough enough to accept my imperfections, and that, Dear warrior, is the bravest thing I’ve ever done.


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