A Warrior Nurse's Journey

I’m Grace and I’m a 25 year old third-year nursing student. Whenever I tell people about my condition I'm always met with sympathy and fear for my future. Despite that, I decided that by the Grace of God I will become a nurse and help others in need and others like me.

Curing self-doubt

Fatigue is a reality in my daily tasks and sometimes I wonder "will I really be able to be a competent nurse with constant fatigue?" My answer to my self-doubts is if God has guarded me for 25 years with this condition surely I can be helpful to others and inspire others to follow their dreams despite whatever condition they possess.

Treating other warriors

I’m always so happy when I meet a patient like me and see their joy when I tell them that I have sickle cell but am able to be a nurse. I thank God every day for the strength that He gives me to be able to do mundane things and heavy-duty things. I thank God that so far I’ve only had 2 blood transfusions and one surgery so far in my life. I won’t lie, it ain’t easy, but I love the challenge.

Diagnosing hope

Sometimes I’m met with fear in the dating realm, the way men are hesitant when I tell them about my genetic condition, but I am confident that God will also bring someone I can share my life with despite my condition.

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