a man and a woman on a date, he is holding flowers and she is holding a sickle cell conversation

Tips For Dating With Sickle Cell

Hi Guys my name is Grace. I am a wife and mother, and I work as a full-time blogger. I am also living with sickle cell disease.


Before I got married dating was a stressful thing for me. I remember always feeling anxious when I met someone new. I would always think about the things that could go wrong when I share with them my health issues or how they might react.

In this video, I am not only sharing some tips for dating but I am sharing my own personal experience. Enjoy!

Tips on dating:

  1. Know your intentions
  2. Be upfront and hoenst from the beginning
  3. Be understanding as to how your date may react
  4. If you see potential, that person needs to get tested and know their genotype
  5. Educate

Do you have any tips or experiences with dating that you'd like to share?

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