A Nigerian Warrior's Story

My name is Ronke, and I am a Nigerian. I am 17 years of age and diagnosed with SS.

An unfortunate series of events

I discovered my sickness very late in 2022. I left my parents' house when my father abandoned us with my Mom. We're a family of seven. I was taken to my mom's elder brother's place due to lack of funds and inability to go to school. At my uncle's place, I was enrolled into a school just to finish my primary school where I had to face issues of maltreatment from his wife and cousin. All house chores were done by me and I also did all sorts of work by going farming to get firewood.

I discovered that whenever I carry heavy things it results in heavy breathing and weakness. All this happened back between 2014 to 2018. After my final year in primary school, I was struck with a heavy sickness that almost took my life, because I was battling with measles and a swollen stomach. There my uncle's wife had to inform my mom about it, and she came but couldn't take me because she was already battling with depression which later resulted in mental health.

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Getting an unexpected diagnosis

At that time she informed my elder brother, who came with my elder sister and took me to my grandparent's house in 2020, where I received the grace of God. My grandma took me in even though my father never took care of his parents. My grandma is versed in treating my measles and she is always praying to God for healing. I became whole again by mercy.

All this time of my sickness I still hadn't discovered the cause of my illness, until a nurse in the vicinity took interest in me and implored my aunt to take me for a check-up to know why the sudden crises again after my measles was gone. The swollen stomach was still there which caused pain. After the checkup, the results reviewed said that I'm sickle cell anemic SS (warrior).

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Finding understanding

So all insults from my cousin about my sluggishness were as a result of SS. I was downcast but I never allowed it to break me and the love from my aunt, granny and the nurse made a whole lot of difference in my life. Since my coming to my granny's house I stayed out of school after my primary for 3 years. My Aunt decided that I couldn't continue not to go to school, so because of my 3 years of sitting at home, she had to enroll me in a tutor lesson just to build up what I had forgotten after my primary school.

Continuing the fight

By then I began to attend the warrior's clinic. After close monitoring for 3 years, my swollen stomach is gone. My Aunt secured a junior secondary school exam called Junior WACE. This is an exam to get promoted to a higher class such as senior class, which I passed, and it's gained me access to senior secondary one (SS 1).

My grandma was diagnosed with cataract, and was to undergo strabismus surgery, but couldn't due to lack of funds. This is taken out on my Aunt in addition to my crises. After my SS 1 promotional exam, which led to another crisis, she managed to pay for 2 pints of blood and some daily drips with a lot of medication bought with support from brethren in discipleship and church.

Where we are now

Presently she is not feeling fine; our daily survival depends on Jesus. My Aunt came across this platform and told me about it. Her exact words to me were, "Would you like to tell your story?" I replied to her with "Yes". So this is a bit about me. I am still fighting and will still be fighting till I survive and I hope I get help for survival for me, my grandma, and my aunt.

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