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Life Checks: Resiliency and Rule-Breaking

Knowing the things that trigger crises is a necessity. You also need to know your limits and be cautious as much as possible not to overdo things. For instance, it’s ok for you to try a meal, but don’t abuse it, so that if even you get sick, the damage will not be so huge.
It's hard to protect yourself if you don’t pay attention to yourself.

Skip the rules... occasionally

Crises triggers and best treatment options differ from person to person. Even people with the same genotype are unique in their own way. The rules we follow are just too much to carry. Most of the things that cause pain and infections that come with SCD are natural and can’t be controlled. And yet, we have no choice but to stay away from them.

Dare to take a break sometimes and treat yourself.

Sometimes, these rules or things we must avoid are our favorite things to do. When it’s taken away, it can get lonely and we may not know what to do to fill that blank spot. It’s ok to rebel sometimes.

Living life or being stubborn?

It is true that it is really dangerous to do things that are bad for your health. But, it is also true that you only live once. Besides, it’s not all bad. I always learn more about myself when I do. This is how I identified most of my triggers.

This is a possible reason why most people complain that sickle cell patients are stubborn and rebellious.

Finding hobbies you love

Have you ever noticed that time moves fast when you’re busy doing something you love? Time seems to stand still when you’re lonely and idle.

Getting busy is always the best remedy for idleness and loneliness. Hobbies are fun and keep you busy. Happy work is refreshing. It could be worth a try.

Symbols and next steps

I have had to restart my life, over and over again. And I try to mark my return with something on my wish list each time. It’s a symbol of my previous scar and a step into a fresh start. Next time, I’m going skydiving.

Accepting myself and the ups and downs of sickle cell

I have learned to accept that falling and rising is a routine of life. I accepted I was born with special needs and I’m not like everyone else. Learning to train like a tortoise, one step at a time without too much stress. I hope it gets me eventually to where I really want to be.

Resilient together

Sickle cell has tried to break me in so many ways, but I’ve made a promise to myself not to give it chance to keep me down for too long. I’m glad it’s manifesting.

While I continue to heal, learn and mend myself, I would like to encourage everyone in my shoes to keep going. Don’t let SCD win.

Editor's Note: Check with a health care professional if you have questions on activities that you are concerned might cause any complications.

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