My Self-Care Routine

Self-care is very essential to living and growth. Maintaining the stand to choose yourself every time is a real struggle for most people. Not that they disregard its importance and relevance, but they either can’t find the time or can’t afford to.

Wishing I could travel the world

For instance, while touring the world is my definition of self-care, I simply can't afford it.

Affording a trip is not only a plane ticket and visa, but also hotel bookings and food. Healthcare is also very essential. The questions surrounding my health problems are a major concern - What if I run out of my meds or lose them somehow, can I afford or even find it in the country I’m traveling to? How much does it cost? What does it take to get them? What if I don’t find the exact thing that helps my pain? In case I get admitted to the hospital, who will take care of my needs?

Finding joy elsewhere

I try to find joy in the little moments I feel okay. I hardly have those times, and so I’ve learned to really cherish them. The same reason I appreciate everyone who sticks around when I get sick is because it takes so long for me to recover and there are about only a handful of people that will stick around to help when you are down.

When I listen to music and try to soak in the words, I appreciate the moment and pass it off as self-care. Just being able to listen and understand the lyrics of my favorite song and find a moment of peace means so much to me.

Taking a breath

The ability to pause and just take time for yourself is something most people find so hard to do. I have work and bills and health issues and etc. How can I get the time to take care of me? And then there are those that don’t mind quitting their jobs for that self-care moment.

For me, being able to rest well is self-care. So much goes on in our lives that we don’t even get the chance to sleep well and rest well enough. Rest is one important thing for a sickle cell warrior. When it comes to SCD, you can never rest too much because you need loads of it. So just being able to sleep well, lay down, or just cool off is self-care.

Making rest better

Most of the time, I would rather be out doing something with my life, but I dare not, else my body breaks down. Whether I’m just too sick or too weak to do anything. I really don’t have a choice most times, so I better find a way to enjoy it. Especially because it takes me a while to recover. So I just sit there, sleep, rest and try to enjoy it whiles it lasts. And if I have some scented candles to help? Why not?

Getting out

On the days that I do step out with the girls or just by myself, I truly appreciate it and make the most out of it. I can never take too many pictures or videos when I’m out feeling happy and free.

I sometimes try to take over the dance floor having in mind there will be consequences later. Just being grateful for the fact that I’m alive and kicking. Such a contrast for someone living with sickle cell right?

I hear lots of complaints when I step out for a minute. And when I get sick later, but then the accusations start. Forgetting that I spend lots of days in bed and sometimes just need a change. Well, I try not to care just to have some self-care time.

Living life to the fullest

While I love to travel, it also makes me sick most of the time. Like the moment I land, I’ll have to go to the hospital. But I still want to travel the world sometime. If I do travel and don’t get sick, I enjoy it to the last drop. Go out, make new friends, etc. Yolo! Right?

No matter what you’re going through, try to find moments where you just be yourself and not apologize for it. Feel free to do the things you like to do even in moments you may not have all the strength to. It helps.

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