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Accepting the damage Sickle cell has on my mind.

How often do you check on your mental health as an SCD warrior..
Well, I recently got diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I didn’t really like the truth about these things.. it would be nice to know I’m not alone..

  1. I've suffered tremendously with depression. Having worked as a nurse I felt needed and embodied a sense of strength and willpower knowing that I was helping others. I was working an eight hour shift that turned into a 16 hour shift because the nurse to relieve me called in and a replacement was hard to find. I was hurting but stayed on until another nurse was located and by that time I was in so much pain I went straight to the hospital. Long story short, my few days off from work turned into my being let go because I suffered bilateral hip infarctions (both hips) and eventually a total right hip replacement. I haven't been able to work and had to go on disability. I have four children, two in college and two in highschool and not being able to provide for them how I want really got me down. Consistently dealing with SCD pain crises on top of that has really taken it's toll on my mental health. I feel useless at times and fed up with life. I talk to certain family members and friends about this but i feel they understand so much but because they haven't physically experienced what I've gone through their is a slight disconnect. I am on an antidepressant and have been since 2012 but I don't feel as if it's helping.

    1. I recently move to Georgia the beginning of 2022 and haven't found a therapist that I can talk to about my mental health and what goes on when the pain is unbearable and all I want to do is die because I be at a point where the pain is way too much to bear please help is any of you can.

      1. Hello warrior! How are you? Have you checked with the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia? They have Expert Counseling listed as one of their resources on their website. As far as the pain goes, do you see a hematologist regularly? You must work together to manage the pain. Please follow me on any of the social medias and I'll do my best to help!

      2. Hi dear, how are you feeling now? Did you talk to a therapist?

    2. Therapy has been extremely beneficial for my mental health. At first, I was extremely reluctant (being Nigerian) but how I've grown since I started seeing a therapist. I believe that mental health supersedes physical health, if I'm completely honest, as the mind is very powerful and our thoughts are like magnets. I hope your diagnosis helps you to get better support so you can avoid episodes of mania, especially when dealing with bipolar disorder.

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