5 Things People Don't Know About Sickle Cell

Hi All, my name is Grace. I am a wife and mother, and I work as a full-time blogger. I also live with sickle cell disease.

Unknown impacts of sickle cell on the body

In this video, I’m sharing five things that people do not often know that sickle cell can have an effect on. We know all that sickle cell can affect such as the bones and other parts of the body.

But, there are some areas in the life of people with sickle cell disease that sickle cell affects and we don’t know about or talk about. I shed light on 5 of those things.

Everyday aspects of the condition

Some of these things may surprise you especially if you are not very familiar with sickle cell. For people will sickle cell some of the things mentioned are things we deal with every day as warriors. I hope this video helps someone.

It may surprise you to learn that sickle cell impacts...

Watch the video to learn more about Grace's experience!

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