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4 Tips on Managing My Pain at Home

As someone who lives with sickle cell anemia and who also lives alone, managing a crisis at home has its challenges.

Recognizing triggers

Over the years, I have been able to get in tune with my body so a crisis doesn't always seem to happen 'all of a sudden'. I can often feel myself deteriorating and if recognized early enough, I can rest and get on top of the pain before it gets too severe and requires hospital admission.

Maintaining independendence

Maintaining my independence is very important to me as someone who lives with sickle cell. The 4 tips I share in this video are just a few things I do when I feel myself going into a crisis and hope I'll be able to manage the pain at home.

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Tips for managing pain at home

  1. Putting my hair in a protective style
  2. Shopping for groceries
  3. Meal prepping
  4. Setting up a group message
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