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Trying to Conceive With Sickle Cell

Hi Guys my name is Grace. I am a wife and mother, and I work as a full-time blogger. I am also living with sickle cell disease.

Growing your family

In this video, I am sharing some things to know and do when you are trying to conceive with sickle cell.

Looking to grow your family is an exciting time and can be a bit scary especially when you have sickle cell. So in this video, I am providing things to think about and do when trying to conceive with sickle cell.

Speaking up

The most important thing to do is make sure you speak up and let your doctors aware of any concerns or fears you are having. Like I mentioned before growing your family is an exciting time especially when it is your first time. I hope this video helps someone.

Trying to conceive

Things to know:

  1. Consult with your doctor
  2. Genetic testing
  3. Check that your medications are safe during pregnancy
  4. Talk to your doctor about vitamins
  5. Ask about blood tests and transfusions
  6. Be more intentional about hydrating

Editorial Note: Be sure to talk to a doctor when you're planning on growing your family or changing any medications.

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