Tolu Tani-Olu's Story

My story begins when I was diagnosed with sickle cell when I was one years old. I lived with my family in Nigeria and we moved to the United States for a better life and better health care (yeh).

Acknowledging my blessings

Throughout my life it really didn’t bother me. I just really sucked at playing sports when I was younger and dreamed of becoming an athlete, but soon realize those dreams were dashed. As I got into my life, I would have one or two circles of crisis episodes once per year. I am blessed that I have never had to have a blood transfusion for my sickle cell. I have my degree in engineering and have a good job.

Aware of the struggle

I guess my biggest fear is living on my own and finding a wife who is able to accept me. Honestly part of me has given up. There are days that I honestly wish I were a white dude so I wouldn’t have to go through half the struggles that I do, but I thank the Lord for my health. I am a man of faith and a man of prayer. I am also a universal healthcare advocate so that people like me do not have the bear the cost of dealing with this disease.

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