I had my first sickle cell crisis at age 16, and the second at age 19.

All eyes on me

Being in Med school drove me to depression as I was in and out of the hospital due to stress and weather. Last year, I couldn't prepare well for tests, and missed classes and practicals.

Every doctor/student always asked why my eyes were yellow and some even call me "the girl with jaundice or the jaundiced girl".  Doctors I confided in shouted "she's SS" during ward rounds. Patients became uncomfortable around me and wouldn't let me examine them. I've fought with some doctors for being unethical because I was hurt by their behavior or words.

Seeing my strength

I bought photochromic glasses to avoid excessive questions about my eyes. I became depressed and even hated ward rounds or going to school because they always made me think I didn't belong there. But I shook it off. I find happiness and peace from those who love me. I choose to stay strong and to be a great Doctor 🤗

This or That

Has sickle cell kept you from pursuing college or other career goals?

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