50 and Still Here

Counting my years

I am a 50-year-old biracial female diagnosed with sickle cell. I have had pain crises, had my heart stopped twice, and I feel the pain of my disease on a daily.

A number of blessings

But, by God's blessing, I'm still here and am the mother of four! One of my children only has the traits; that alone I consider to be a blessing. Many people have told me that I should not be here but that's their opinion and not the will of God. Sometimes your faith will be tested on the days that the pain is so bad that you just can't stand to breathe or the sheets to touch your skin or the simple flow of the air.

Making each day count

But believe that they will pass and the better days will come. Stay with your treatments, exercise, eat healthily, and smile because your days are no shorter than the next man who does not have sickle cell. Our days are just a little bit more interesting. There are no guarantees in life with or without sickle cell anemia. Just make the best of it and continue to pass goodwill to the next.

Still working while in a crisis

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