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Living My Best Life

While the year is still new, I want to talk about all the exciting things going on in my life and share updates on all the things I’ve been working on for my own betterment.

Taking better care of myself

The fun self-care stuff is easy but the behind the scenes stuff like flossing, making my bed every day, eating right, and working out on a regular basis – that stuff is easier said than done. I’ve been using all the tools at my disposal – excess free time, friends and roommates for accountability, and goal trackers. I’m doing pretty well at keeping them up.

I started with just a couple of things and with accountability partners who had similar goals. We motivated each other and it’s gotten to the point that even without their presence, I’m keeping up with my goals. It feels pretty great. They say it takes 7 days to build a habit, well it’s been over a month now and I’m still going strong and so incredibly proud of myself.


I love traveling but my flight anxiety (and lack of free time/funds) was really holding me back. I started taking medicine to help with my flight anxiety and it’s been such a game-changer! I still don’t enjoy flying but I can do it a lot easier now. So I’ve got lots of trips booked and I’m finally going back to Europe – a little graduation gift to myself.

Learning a language

Okay so I actually know several languages but I’m not proficient in any of them. As a toddler, I knew Yoruba and Hausa proficiently – 2 Nigerian languages. Now I only know English and can fully understand but not speak Yoruba – isn’t that weird? It happens though, if you don’t use it you really do lose it. Like how I’ve taken Spanish classes like all K-12, even went to Spain, but totally lost it all in college when I stopped practicing. So now I’m on Duolingo re-learning Spanish and Italian for my visit to Italy.


I’ve been working a lot on spending time with myself, enjoying my solace, and as I am Muslim, on my relationship with God. I think this looks different for everyone but for me it’s thoughtful conversations with myself and God, dedicated time multiple times a day to grow closer in my faith, and it feels good. The more time I spend with myself and with God the more I trust in myself and in His divine plan for me, something that I really need to get through life with sickle cell.


I’m really just feeling grateful. I’m doing my best and feel I’m succeeding at taking care of myself. I know I’ll have bad days or slack at times but it’s okay. It’s happened and I just start again the next day. I’ve gotten so much better at giving myself grace. I’m not beating myself up for being human anymore. I’m loving taking such good care of myself. It’s about my life, not just a resolution but who I want to be and how I want to live.

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