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A Mile in My Shoes

There are 1,760 yards (1.61 km) in a mile and I often imagine if people’s opinions would change if they could participate, watch and feel every 1,760 yards (1.61 km) that I have to walk on any given day.

Perspective of the future

I can envision, about one hundred years from now, a virtual reality system linked up to a pair of shoes. These shoes will come with virtual reality technology that can visually and emotionally show how a person with specific elements deals with day-to-day activities. I don't know if this would be a good or bad thing but stay with me. Not only that, but I have always thought that experience was and has always been the best teacher, so why not create something that can give someone a peek inside your 1,760 yards (1.61 km)?

From time to time, I feel like this because I get the feeling I have to “prove” how I feel. Producing something more than just my experience which I am a witness to seems like it's not enough. Furthermore, you want to feel like your complaint is getting attention or weight, as a condition is causing you stress. Often I wonder if people's opinions would change if they walked a mile in my shoes.

Seeing through my eyes

We all have had our share of struggles and challenges in life, and I can't help but wonder how others would react if they were in my position. Would they think the same, would they do the same things or something opposite? Not everyone will see your minute-to-minute daily activities unless it's your immediate family. My efforts go unnoticed when I push through the pain and make time for whatever activity someone wants me to do, which comes with side effects, so-to-speak. I guess it's just human nature to judge others based on our perspectives.

The willing participant that will wear these special shoes and V.R. system will be able to see and feel the entire walk. There will also be amenities, which are all my medical conditions, that will be free to experience. This individual would be able to use one leg for a few yards, and will also be able to feel the tacks in the sole of the feet. They have to do the mile on empty... very fatigued. My entire point is to show that I don't exaggerate how I feel, and it’s sad I need to feel like I have to explain it.

Understanding who I am today

I'm not one for exaggeration. I don't like to oversell how I'm feeling, or make a big deal out of things that might not be a big deal to others. So, it's frustrating to me when I need to explain my feelings to people because I think they're not taking me seriously. A mile in my shoes is all I ask so that you may understand why I do what I do. I hope that by understanding my perspective, people will be more understanding of my actions because 1,760 yards (1.61 km) have made me who I am today.

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