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I Said 'Yes' to Acupuncture! Was It Worth It?

November of 2021, I found myself in a brand new space, one that was filled with new hope and fresh possibilities. I had just been freshly rejuvenated after starting Oxbryta and was feeling freer in my body than I had, possibly ever. My new daily routines were changing because I had been relieved of the million bricks’ worth of constant pain and fatigue.

My fair share of pain

I sat in my hematologist's office, waiting to tell the team all of my good news about how great I was feeling. However, beneath the positivity and rejoicing, I still had one area that needed attention. If I were going to be successful in this new era, I would need to be rid of the last layer of back pain. Yes, I wanted to be as close to pain-free as possible, having had more than my fair share over the years.

A possible alternative treatment

As of today, I’ve completed my 3-month post-study survey for Dr. Wang’s office (from which I now have such fond memories). I must say how pleased I am to have gone through this process. Being that each study is different, I was a tiny bit apprehensive about the testing that is needed prior to beginning the actual pain treatment. I opted out of the MRI due to claustrophobia, but I would recommend doing the test in order to offer the most data for the doctors and to be fully compensated (if applicable).

Once my treatments began, I was terribly eager to keep my appointments because it was painless and Dr. Wang and her team made sure to keep my room temperature controlled with heating lamps during my sessions. I was made ultra-comfortable each time and allowed snacks and hydration. Once the treatment had been administered I was then left to rest for up to 40 minutes afterward which quickly became my favorite part of the week.

Acupuncture lessened my sickle cell pain

By the time I made it past the halfway point, I could tell that that last layer of active, widespread back pain had been disrupted and was leaving me for the first time in years. By the end of my sessions, I was feeling better than ever before! My back felt new again and I was also able to move freely with a full range of motion.

At the end of my allotted treatments, it was time to complete the outgoing tests, which are the same as the ones at the start of the process. This round of testing is just as vital as the first and I could absolutely tell a difference in my physical reactions during these rounds, particularly because I was virtually pain-free. Also because I knew what to expect.

So, was it worth it?

Overall, I felt that my time had been worth it because I was now walking around feeling lighter and more mobile than ever. Not only had I sacrificed some time to get pain relief for myself, but I also played a small role in deepening the well of knowledge on acupuncture and sickle cell. Long story short, I said yes to acupuncture and it changed my life!

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