Andressa Hunsel

”SickleAndressa Hunsel Ambrose is the mother of a warrior, she is a Sickle Cell advocate, author of the children's book “Keemaya and the Beach, My journey living with Sickle Cell”. In her professional life, she is the founder and CEO of Hunsel Business Management Consultancy.

As an author, she has created and designed different types of content for kids with SCD. In 2020 she published a book, posters, pain rating scales, and fun activities for kids. And in 2021 she launched the 2D animated movie of her childrens book.

Andressa’s focus within the sickle cell community is based on children. So when it comes to writing articles, doing research, or projects, you will get a lot of content about children. She wants to be their voice, and make their lives better, easier, and more fun. Her purpose is to raise awareness in a fun and educational way. To let our children see and feel that their condition is special and that they have something to be proud of.
“No reason to be ashamed”.

On her website you can see all the assets for children.

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